An intimate, award-winning, full service production company based in Chicago. ReThink Films takes your vision from script breakdowns into production and all the way through post, creating world-class content for film, television, and corporate clients.



Brands need stories. Our 20 years of experience making TV shows and movies for major networks can help. Individualized story consultations build a client's concept into an actionable treatment ready for production.


Our in-house team handles as much of the production process as our clients need. We'll write the script, hire the crew, design the sets, shoot the shots and call it a wrap - or anything in between. For clients who just need a little help getting started, our by-the-hour consultations and budget templates are some of our most demanded services.


Access to Emmy-award winning editors mean our clients get the best the industry has to offer when it comes to the editing room floor. Whether your production was created by Rethink Films or you already have b-roll in the can, we'll make magic out of what you've got.


So, you've got an awesome bit of content, eh? ReThink Films can help get it out there. Whether you're trying to distribute branded video content or sell that really incredible documentary, our proven track record can get it in stores and on air.



We are honored to work with the best in the business. Whether we have produced for you, edited for you, sold film and television to you or have lent you our expertise in any way, to be our client is to be a part of our ReThink Films family.