Plaintiff’s Attorneys rely heavily on the use of visual technology to demonstrate the effect catastrophic injuries have on their clients. ReThink FIlms stands alone in bringing ‘testimony to life’ by professionally capturing the powerful and dramatic impact plaintiffs live with as a result of catastrophic injury.

Executive producer Eric Poticha has spent an entire career honing a very specific, complex set of storytelling skills in Hollywood: The epicenter of storytelling culture. He now applies these unique talents to the field of video evidence. Similar to how skilled lawyers reveal the essential argument within a complicated case, an expertly shot video is a current and forward thinking tool that helps both judge and jury appreciate every nuance of the argument. Few Hollywood producers are as uniquely qualified to create a compelling narrative within the strict guidelines of the law…all without dialogue.


"A Flattering Biographical Video as the Last Exhibit for the Defense"


"The Impact of Day in the Life Videos in Catastrophic Injury Cases"





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